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15 June 2010 @ 02:38 pm
Beware Raging Fangirl!  
Ok, so if there's one thing I learned long ago internet-wise, it's don't read YouTube comments.  Apparently, I'm just a glutton for punishment...

So I got the urge to finally make a Gabumon plushie (I mean, hey, I have almost all of the materials - need a little more white...), and I decided to watch through Digimon Adventure while doing it.  I love the first season, subbed or dubbed - the only one I really truly enjoy the dub for, though I never did give "Data Squad" a try - so I went dubbed so I wouldn't be tempted to read the subs.  But as my VCR is broken, I had to settle for YouTube.

Even worse than YouTube comments?  DIGIMON YouTube comments.

Why is this?  Well, this is because I am about 10 years or so older than the vast majority of people that watch it, and while I hardly consider myself all that mature, I do at least have something on most people 10 years younger than me.  And on top of that, my opinions sadly are generally only shared by a very small, very non-vocal minority.  Therefore, reading the comments just tends to rub me the wrong way.  Why read them?  I'm too curious... sometimes I want to see if anyone commented on a certain thing, other times I just want to know what people thought of the episode in question.  ::sigh::  I should by now just know that, no, people generally don't comment on what I would, and no, people do not like the same parts of the episodes that I do. -_-

For instance, in the episode "Out on the Town", one of my favorite lines was always Patamon's "We like when you guys get mushy!" because it always made me giggle.  People love putting favorite quotes in the comments - had to add this one myself because no one else had! D:  And yet everyone and their brother commented about Matt's "He's been using steroids." joke in "Prophecy" - yes, yes, a drug reference in a kid's show... it's not THAT uncommon, is it?  It was used in Batman Beyond for sure.  Maybe it's taboo now, but it wasn't back in the day (I never thought it was anyway).  Not to mention crotch jokes with VenomMyotismon. >_>  Sometimes people would point out or say funny things (there was one comment about Matt and his Mom, how earlier he'd said he liked Sundays because she grilled steaks, and yet it seemed like he didn't like her or see her often, so maybe he meant he liked running over and stealing some every Sunday XD), but not much.

Also, I'm a huge Matt fan, there is no hiding this fact... let's just say if I were an anime character, my eyes would have been twitching, and a pulse mark would have been growing on my forehead as I skimmed the comments for "Playing Games". >_<  Ugh, why all the Matt hate??  Sure, it wasn't exactly his shining moment of glory in that episode, but he was bound to crack sooner or later due to TK growing up and his sometimes friendly rivalry with Tai, and when Tai's acting insensitive and TK's acting like he doesn't need you, well, that seems like the time to do it, don't you think?  Besides, without having a break down, how would we see his character growth?  It's not his angst that I love (though... ok, yeah, I do love that), it's his GROWTH as a character.  He had to finally get out all of his hidden emotions and feelings, and he wouldn't do that just because - he needed a reason.  Then he could finally grow!  GROWTH IS GOOD PEOPLE!!  Holy crap... >_<###

And then there are all the people who are just ignorant and don't bother to read the comments or pay attention to what they're watching.  HOW many people keep saying Angemon is a Champion??  HOW many say Gatomon is a Rookie??  HOW many were still saying that TK's Mom wasn't Matt's Mom by well into the Myotismon arc??  And why on earth is it so hard to understand the concept that digimon grow stronger - just because they USED to devolve back to their In-Training forms after being an Ultimate, doesn't mean they ALWAYS will!  And the whole digivolving thing: "But I thought digimon couldn't digivolve without humans, so why is Gatomon, well, Gatomon?"  OI!  Let's think about this...  The digimon started out as Babies, right?  But they were In-Training when they found them, so clearly they digivolved once BEFORE the kids.  Not to mention, it's not like digimon are born at the Ultimate level - in "Digibaby Boom", Patamon confirmed that even Devimon started out like the Babies in Primary Village.  So therefore it's not that a digimon can't EVER digivolve without humans, more that digimon can't digivolve on CUE without humans.  And once a digimon DOES digivolve without a human's help, they generally don't go back, the exception being the Digidestined's case, where they use extra energy to go to Ultimate or something and they have the added bond with their child's energy (like when Tentomon devolved to Pabumon because Izzy had lost his curiosity).

But the thing that bugs me the most is how everyone is all like "The first 2 (or 3) seasons are the best - the rest SUCK!"  >_<###  Seriously, people, just because 02 continued from the first season, doesn't mean it was a GOOD continuation!  And just because Frontier didn't have partner digimon didn't make it BAD!  Let's start with my 02 "bashing" because rewatching Adventure for the thousandth time keeps reminding why I don't much like it, lol.

Ok, first off, the differences between seasons 1 and 2 are like night and day, so do not simply group them together because they borrow some of the same characters.  Adventure is about characters - they grow, they learn things, they have emotions, you see them interact with their family, they have a close bond with each other and their digimon, and they have to do it all without a lot of help from people who've been through the whole saving the Digital World thing before.  02 is about action - there's more digivolving, there's no wandering through the DigiWorld wondering what to do they just go and destroy control spires/control spire digimon/etc and come home, there's barely any group bonding when compared to the first season, and only Ken does any growing up and developing as a character.

Adventure has a fairly strict set of rules and laws that the show follows - 02 smashes these to bits and creates new, ever changing ones instead.  Why can't the older kid's digimon digivolve to Ultimate?  They gave up their crests.  But wait a minute, they never HAD their crests - Apocalymon destroyed them - so they gave up the crests in their hearts...?  Wouldn't that be like Izzy giving up his curiosity?  Isn't that kind of... like giving up part of who you are?  This makes no sense.  And Gatomon's only at Champion level because of her tail ring?  Really?  Why?  Since when?  And why can TK and Kari still be part of the new team, but the other children can't?  Too old? o_O  And why is Wizardmon a ghost?  What about Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon - are they ghosts too?  Or DarkTyrannomon?  Or anyone else that died in the real world?

But the thing that bugs me the most about 02 is how little respect it shows to Adventure.  All of a sudden, all these new kids are way stronger, despite being newbies compared to Tai and the rest.  Omnimon can't defeat the return of Diaboromon?  No problem!  Just let Davis and Ken handle it!  Who's kid gets to lead the other at the end of 02?  Davis's of course!  Why would it be Tai's the original leaders? >.>  So we're going to all work together, yay!  But hey, it's still 02, so we're going to let the new kids actually do all the hard work!  >_<#####  It just pisses me off that the older kids were pretty much cast aside in 02.  All but TK and Kari, of course, because they're YOUNGER and have ANGEL DIGIMON. >_>  Forgot to mention more ANNOYING...  I liked TK in Adventure, but man was he annoying in 02 (he was only cool when beating on Ken XD)... and Kari was just always annoying (well, maybe not ALWAYS - 21 of Adventure she was pretty cute, 1st movie too - but a vast majority of the time).

::sigh::  It just annoys me that people automatically group Adventure and 02 together as "the best" when they are so vastly different.  I don't hate 02, really, but it does bug me sometimes.  I love "Genesis of Evil", and Ken in general has a really great storyline, but it's hard for me to pick out things I like besides that.  It's kind of like Tamers for me in that way - I don't hate it, and there is some good stuff going on in it, but aside from Rika's and Impmon's (and Ryo's because I'm biased) storylines, it's hard for me to pick out parts I like, though Tamers has a lot more in the way of character development (I just have a hard time liking those characters).

And as for hating on Frontier, yes, I KNOW it's overall plot was a little on the weak side, but it made up for it in other areas.  If people didn't like either Kouji or Kouichi, I can see why they'd hate it, but really, they have one of the most compelling relationships in all of Digimon - we get to see them without each other and then how they grow once they've found one another.  We see them go from "What the crap?  A twin brother, is this a joke?" to really, truly caring about each other as family (how can anyone NOT like that ending scene??).  It's true, Junpei, Izumi, and Tomoki are fairly weak characters, and all 6 of them do end up losing a LOT during the Lucemon arc, but somehow I just feel it walked that ground between only character driven and only action driven so much better than 02, and I find the characters much more likable than in Tamers.  I wouldn't expect everyone to feel this way, but I still have a hard time believing that the amount of people who disagree is just SO MUCH greater than those that do.


Ahh, it's a bit sad being the black sheep of the Digimon fandom. ^_^;;
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